15 Best Natural Food That Boost Fertility [Men/Women]

Best Foods for Fertility in Men and Women

One thing that every person asks is, what should I eat and what should I eat? To tell this, let me first explain to you a very interesting thing if you have a serious problem due to which you are not able to have a child, then eating it will be complementary. If there is no treatment then it is not that food is a treatment but feeding and eating are complementary. Eating such best foods for fertility to improves fertility to birth a child.

best foods for fertility

Importance of Complementary Foods

What is its importance? So the first importance is that along with the treatment, what will you eat that is complementary? 15 such things. I will tell you about the food and the other important thing which is important with that is that if you are eating such food from the beginning then you will have a baby soon after marriage because all this will boost your fertility. Here two major doctor and specialist were aske these question and they explain, one them is Dr. Pankaj Shrivastav and Dr. Sunil Jindal in Jindal Hospital.

 Sunflower Seeds

So, first of all, let me tell you that the first food is sunflower seeds roasted without salt. If you eat these seeds then they are rich in Vitamin E and it has been seen that both the motility of sperm and the count of sperm. But they have a good effect on male and female infertility. Why do they give benefits to male and female infertility? They give benefits because they contain omega fatty acids and omega six fatty acids and both of them are extremely important for fertility.

How to Consume Sunflower Seeds

Well now sunflower seeds give you How to eat, see, it is very good if you eat things after adding salt or take something with tea, then you can easily take sunflower seeds with tea and the second thing is that you can have it in any form. You can also take it on salad, you can eat it in curd, and you must eat sunflower seeds, number one food is citrus foods, citrus foods these are all the foods like what do you call it, orange, lemon, it has been seen that they contain vitamins.

It contains a lot of C which is very good for sperm and eggs, but the very interesting thing is that there is a fruit in it which we call grapefruit, so this grapefruit is also a very good thing and this grapefruit is beneficial for the health of your eggs and sperm. It improves because it contains polyamines.

How to Eat Citrus Foods

Now sir, how to eat it? Well, it is needless to say, oranges and lemons are such that they represent every diet of ours. One thing to be kept in mind is that grapefruit is a medicine with lots of medicines. If it interferes with it, then definitely ask your doctor about it. Will grapefruit make any difference along with the medicine?

Mature Cheeses

The third thing comes from mature cheeses like Parmesan Cheddar. All these cheeses are very high in poly amines. And do you know the beauty of polyamine? Polyamine is present in both plants and animal products. It is also present in humans, so it is very good for the quality of your eggs. It has been observed that put sun Which I was talking about earlier, is very good in cheese and it is very good for the quality of eggs. Now see how to eat it for a woman. Eat it in snacks, eat it on top of pizza, eat it on biscuits. Eat it on bread but if you eat cheese then it will be better.

Full-Fat Dairy

Number four is full-fat dairy. Now why would they eat full-fat dairy? See what is the meaning of full-fat dairy. Don’t take toned milk. Take whole milk, just like cow or buffalo does. Now where I live, I get buffalo milk or pure cow milk and the reason why it is good is that it contains saturated fat, it is very good for fertility and it contains fat-soluble vitamins. Soluble vitamins are AEDK and K2.

A recent study came out in which it was seen that those who took full-fat dairy had fewer problems in egg preparation, meaning their eggs were better. Well, in this they compared tone milk with milk in which We extract fat from it and it was seen that full-fat dairy is very good for eggs, how to eat and drink milk, it is perfect, rest of us all know how to take milk at home, see it is like this.

How to Consume Full-Fat Dairy

Now the fifth thing that I am going to tell you is tomatoes, so if you eat raw tomatoes or ripe tomatoes which should be less ripe then they contain lycopene, it is a very powerful antioxidant, it increases your fertility, and lycopene is good for fertility. There was a study in which four to 8 milligrams of lycopene was given and it was seen that if it was given along with some food for 12 months, then it is the best supplement and improves pregnancy, so what kind of food is eaten? The best tomato is raw but if you have to cook then do not cook it too much, cook a little less and take fewer ripe tomatoes, see, although there are tomato soups and stews too and perhaps tomato is such a vegetable that It is amazing if it dissolves in whatever you put it in.

How to Eat Tomatoes

Now the sixth thing about tomato is very important because it is in our daily diet, it is pulses. There are two things in different types of pulses, fiber, and folate, for maintaining hormonal balance. The best thing is that studies have shown that every 5 calories you eat should be from vegetarian protein there should be more of it in our diet, and wherever vegetarian protein is eaten more, there will be fewer problems of infertility and anvil i.e. egg formation. So with all the things I have told you, along with this I am telling you the seventh thing. Aspergillus is B vitamin and turns into thiamine.

How to Consume Tomatoes and Pulses

Now how to eat it, if you get it fresh or frozen, grill it, eat it, prepare vegetables, and eat lots of it. You can eat it in things, you can eat it with bread, you can eat it by adding it to salads, it is very good, but there is a magic thing in it, it is less available in coastal areas, it is more available in coastal areas if you get it, it is a superfood of fertility and this superfood. The name of the food is oyster. Understand that if you eat six grams, then Vitamin B12 at 408, Zinc at 188, Selenium at 187, and recommended iron at 43 will not only cover the entire day but will also give you more and this is very important for fertility.

How to Consume Pulses and Oysters

Now, pomegranate is considered a superfood. Next comes the pomegranate. Why is pomegranate good? Not just because of its color, not just because of its taste. Pomegranate is good because it contains antioxidants and it improves sperm quality. A study in 2014 found that 70 men Went to the sperm bank for donation, and for those who were given pomegranate extract, their sperm count increased to 62 after taking it. See, I will not say that eating pomegranate in this way will increase it, but pomegranate is a very beneficial substance. It is a good antioxidant that you can eat in every way.

How to Consume Pomegranate

The tenth food, I have told you nine foods till now, the 10th food is walnuts. Walnuts contain omega omega six fatty acids. It is a superfood, meaning there was a small rotten 117 man in two parts. He gave 75 grams of walnuts to the distributed walnuts and did not give them to anyone else. After 12 weeks, he saw that in those who had receive walnuts, after 18 weeks, there was a tremendous improvement in their sperm quality, and chromosomal abnormality was also found to be less in the sperm.

How to Consume Walnuts

Next comes the consumption of guava. The cold yellowness of the egg, the egg contains iron, calcium, zinc, vitamin B, fat, and B12and, and vitamin A is also in therein egg, if you can get desi egg and you can take it, it is omega fatty. Acid is also available which is very useful for your food. Firstly, it is a cheap thing. Number two, it is a good thing. Number two, it contains choline, due to which even if you become pregnant, birth defects are reduce and the biggest thing.

How to Consume Guava and Eggs

The 12th food that is best foods for fertility of man and woman is pineapple. People believe that eating pineapple leads to abortion, but it is the opposite story and if you eat pineapple then understand one thing simple There is one food in which you get Vitamin C A and even the recommended value at 46. Low Vitamin C has been found with PCOS and in PCOS patients, if they eat pineapple then eating pineapple or pineapple will improve their PCOS.

How to Consume Pineapple

Salmon, see, salmon is a very good fish which is very good for fertility because it contains omega 3 fatty acids, selenium, and Vitamin D. These three things improve fertility, so I told you 14 13 foods. 14th food. People always have it in their food which is name as cinnamon. Cinnamon is the name in Hindi. What do they say? They give cinnamon, cinnamon, if you take cinnamon, it will help in PCOS, it will help in the irregular menstrual cycle, and it will help in better egg formation, so it is very useful.

If you are a non-vegetarian then the liver helps you a lot in your fertility because inside the liver there are chicken, mutton liver, etc., and there are many such nutrients inside the liver which you get only here. These are especially Vitamin A, Fat Soluble Vitamins, Red Blood Cells, DNA’s Point of View, Choline, Omega 3 Fatty Acids, FatSoluble Vitamins, and Folate. If all these things are there, then if I told you 15 food items,

Recap of 15 Foods to boost Fertility

I would repeat the 15 best foods for fertility items once again for you. The first food that I told you about was sunflower seeds or any other seed. Make your snack on seeds or seeds. Number two is citrus foods, citrus foods these are all the foods like what do you call it, orange, lemon, it has been seen that they contain vitamins. It contains a lot of C which is very good for sperm and eggs, but the very interesting thing is that there is a fruit in it which we call grapefruit, so this grapefruit is also a very good thing and this grapefruit is beneficial for the health of your eggs and sperm. It improves because it contains polyamines.

Summary of Best Foods for Fertility

Now, with these 15 best foods for fertility, along with appropriate medical treatment, I hope you find success in your journey towards parenthood. Remember, these foods are meant to complement your overall fertility strategy, not replace it. Take care of yourself and best of luck on your path to having a baby!


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